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This diffuser consists in propelling essential oils very quickly so that they vaporize in very fine droplets. It is the most efficient method, also used in the medical field.


Details :

- Material: wood and glass

- Size: 8.5cm x 21.5cm

- Led color: 7 led colors / off

- Capacity: 20 ml

- Diffusion time: Cycle of 3 or 5 minutes per hour

- Covered area: 100 m2

- Effect / function: Aromatherapy nebulization (only essential oils)


Strengths :

- This type of diffuser is the best way to take full advantage of the benefits of essential oils in diffusion.

- The process by cold nebulization does not alter the properties of essential oils and it preserves all their aromas and their therapeutic virtues.

- No water needed, it only takes a few drops of essential oils for your space to be loaded with thousands of molecules of essential oils in a few minutes.


Gift concept :

Possibility of adding up to 4 bottles of essential oils of your choice with the diffuser for a complete pack. Order your box of 4 oils of your choice now!



If you add an essential oil, get a discount of € 1 per bottle.

Therapeutic diffuser

€62.50 Regular Price
€55.50Sale Price
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