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Our sanitizer gel will accompany you everywhere and in all circumstances, leaving a feeling of softness on your skin. It sanitizes your hands from daily bacterias. It is particularly effective to protect your skin from bacterias and prevent them from becoming embedded. Our gel is 40% pure and natural.


Aloe vera gel complemented by Jojoba vegetable oil and Ravintsara essential oil disinfects, moisturizes and protects your hands. We have composed our gel with quality natural components under the advice of a pharmacy:


- 38% Aloe vera (Rajasthan, India) : rich in active ingredients, it increases the metabolism against germs and bacteria.

- 2% Jojoba vegetable oil (Madagascar) : healing, it hydrates and protects your skin cells.

- Ravintsara essential oil (Madagascar) , 20 drops: the benchmark par excellence for anti-viral essential oils, it is also a powerful anti-bacterial.

- Alcohol 70 ° to 60%: antiseptic used to disinfect.


The Pur Sens disinfectant gel is gentle on the hands with a moisturizing formula suitable for the most sensitive skin, unlike a conventional hydroalcoholic gel which dries them out. Its antibacterial formula limits the risk of contamination and leaves hands clean, soft and delicately scented. Good hand hygiene is the No.1 rule to protect yourself from infections, but also to protect others.


Capacity: 100ml.

Aloe vera Protective Sanitizer

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