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The multi-use sanitizer pocket kit helps fight and protect against viruses, microbes and bacterias. It will accompany you everywhere in the bag or in the car for clean hands. 80% of germs are transmitted through the hands.


Good hand hygiene is the No. 1 rule to protect against infections: Covid-19, Colds, bronchitis, flu, gastroenteritis ... The pocket kit can also be used to sanitize surfaces, that represent an important factor transmission and can host multiple viruses (door handles, tables, computer keyboards, etc.).


It contains 1 dispenser and 1 refill tube (12 compressed towels in tota). There is no ready-made liquid when buying a pocket kit, but you can easily prepare it yourself :


After preparing its disinfectant solution in the mixing bottle, add it to the pocket kit to fill it. By submerging the tablet, it absorbs the solution and instantly transforms into a biodegradable disinfectant towel that disintegrates in less than four weeks. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Homemade disinfectant solution:


We suggest adding the following ingredients to a 250ml mixing bottle :

  • 100ml water
  • 150ml of 90 ° alcohol
  • 30 drops of Ravintsara essential oil : known for its antiviral and anti-infectious properties
  • 20 drops of Tea tree essential oil : antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic
  • 20 drops of Lemon essential oil : degreaser, sanitizer, purifying, sanitizing, detoxifying, energizing


For using a 500ml mixing bottle , simply double the above amounts.


We offer 4 purchasing op

  • Pocket kit only (with 12 compressed towels)
  • Pocket kit + sanitizing solution (made by PUR SENS)
  • Pocket kit + sanitizing solution (made by PUR SENS) + box of 200 compressed towels
  • Pocket kit + empty 250ml bottle + 3 bottles of essential oil (lemon, ravintsara, tea tree) + box of 200 compressed bamboo napkins


Dimensions of the sanitizer pocket kit: H 9.5cm xl 5.4cm x thickness 2.8cm.

Sanitizer pocket kit

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